“The Personal is Political” or Why Gender Studies in Russia is More Than Just Academic

On February 27, 2024, near the Russian Embassy in Berlin, passersby could view a group of young people holding posters displaying the question “Where is Seda Suleimanova?”. Seda is (or was) a young Chechen woman who escaped from her family and a forced marriage. But her relatives found and kidnapped her in Saint Petersburg, and …
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What do queer feminist perspectives have to tell us about our current political moment?

In recent years, political homophobia (Weiss and Bosia 2013) and anti-feminism (Salice 2019; Meiering, Dziri, and Foroutan 2020) have been gaining ground, increasingly shaping policy and rhetoric across the globe. Far-right groups and authoritarian governments have been emboldened to assert their understandings of morals for society, voicing judgements and supporting actions that are shaped by …
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